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Junior developers

We are looking for junior developers to help build tools to manage, organise and analyse data. Desire to learn on the job is more important than experience. Suitable for fresh graduates looking to transition into a developer and/or data scientist role, with any degree or background.

You will be creating software, extracting and organising data, automating routine tasks, analysing data and building models. Our business needs vary, and your specific tasks will also depend on your skills. You will probably work with Python and/or OCaml, as well as other languages and tools depending on the task. You don't have to know them, we can teach you. If you are already good at a specific language/technology, and it is a good fit for a task, we will consider using it. If you like functional programming, there may be something for you here.

There will be an initial training period, during which you will pick up some basic skills (if you don't already have them) and work on easier projects with help and close supervision from your mentor. Later, as we gain confidence in your work, you will be given more autonomy. Long term, it will not be enough to just do as you are told. You will have to understand the goals and motivation behind each project, and you will have to use your own judgement.

We expect members of our team to want to develop towards being able to lead a project or even perform a CTO-like role for a project in the future. Therefore, we are looking for self-motivated people with a desire to learn and grow as part of a dynamic team.

Location: Cambridge, UK

Full-time only, initial training and trial period of 3-12 months (depending on experience)

Starting salary depending on experience, increasing to competitive level by the end of the trial period

To apply, email us your CV at jobs@manifoldresearch.com