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From competitor pricing data to unstructured user-generated content, there's more data then ever available online. Even within your company there are a wealth of unique data sources about everything from customers to expenses. Clean, available data creates incredible business value, whether driving decision-making or even enabling new products.

Before you can do this, you need

  • To know that relevant data exists - we have a large collection and are experienced at hunting down new datasets

  • To gather it from disparate sources in a repeatable way - we automate this, even where there's no native data export functionality

  • To clean the data, including handling changes in the source - we have both specialised tools and human expertise

  • To transform into a structured format ready for use - we can turn raw messages, logs, or html pages into usable tables

  • To join against other relevant datasets to provide the full picture - we put disparate sources together into a cohesive view

We'd love to discuss any problems you have and find what data we can provide to solve them - contact us for a free consultation!

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